Milwaukee 8 Tune Files

These files are PV Value (PVV) Files for importing into PVT (Power Vision Tunes) using WinPV.

  1. Pic your file by Engine size, Cam, Exhaust
  2. Download the file that matches your engine size, cam, and exhaust.
    1. Save it somewhere you can find it.
  3. With WinPV open the map you plan to use.
    1. NOTE: We highly recommend using the original stk pr map file from your ECM.
  4. In WinPV with your starting map/cal open:
    1. Click “file”
    2. Click “Load all Values”
    3. go to where you saved the Tune PVV file, select it, and click open.
    4. The “Import Multiple Items window will pop up, click OK.
  5. Save your map under a new name, send it to your Power Vision, and then flash it to your ECM.
    1. Click yes to reset fuel trims.

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