Harley Power Vision Tune Value Files Downloads.

If you are looking for a tune for your Harley, then you are on the right page.

Unlike other places that offer tunes, every one of our tune files was built, tried, and tested by us on our Dynos. We know that the majority of the time the best map to start with is the one currently running the bike. If we have tuned this combination before we add the air, tune tables from a cal we built with this combo, and our secret sauce, then finish it off on the dyno. These maps are almost always close enough to ride the bike with the mods the file was built for.
Now we have decided to let you buy our Power Vision Value files that we use when setting up a bike to tune, we have even built in our secret sauce into these files.

These tune files are not complete Dynojet Power Vision maps/cals but instead are just the tables a tuner would change during a Dyno tune. This way we don’t have to worry about the features of your bike, like dual cool, vs air cool, Fans or no fans, ACR or no ACRs… The tune running your bike has hundreds of little switches and tables specific to your model, by having a file with just the air tables and tune tables custom-built by us on a Dynojet Dyno to match the components in the description.

Don’t worry besides the professionally built air tables VE, CID, IVO, IVC, MLN,…. these files also have the best tune tables in the industry, maxing out Speed limiters, raising the rev limit, richer closed loop settings for a cooler-running engine at cruise, improved throttle response and power… 

Pic your file according to Engine Type/Size, Cam, and exhaust

These files are PV Value (PVV) Files for importing into PVT (Power Vision Tunes) using WinPV.

If you use one of our files that matches your upgrades and you have a rideability issue we will work with you via email for free to resolve it. If we cannot we will refund your money*  

  1. Download the file that matches your engine size, cam, and exhaust.
    1. Save it somewhere you can find it.
  2. With WinPV open the map you plan to use.
    1. NOTE: We highly recommend using the original stk pr map file from your ECM.
  3. In WinPV with your starting map/cal open:
    1. Click “file”
    2. Click “Load all Values”
    3. go to where you saved the Tune PVV file, select it, and click open.
    4. The “Import Multiple Items window will pop up, click OK.
  4. Save your map under a new name, send it to your Power Vision, and then flash it to your ECM.
    1. Click yes to resit fuel trims.
Milwaukee 8 engine tunes        

*Guarantee and Free tech support is good for 30 days, unless stated in writing elsewhere.

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