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Exciting News: Unveiling Live Webinars and Exclusive Events for Harley Tuning Enthusiasts!

Join us for a captivating journey into the world of Harley Tuning as we announce a series of live webinars and special events brimming with valuable insights and knowledge. Prepare to immerse yourself in a range of dynamic topics, including:

• PVOG* map setup using WinPV: Unleash the potential of your Harley with the original touch screen Power Vision, affectionately known as PVOG, and WinPV’s expert map setup techniques.

• PVOG* map setup using PowerCore C3: Elevate your tuning game by harnessing the new technology of PowerCore C3 used PVOG map setup, amplifying your Harley’s performance to new heights.

• PV3 map setup using PowerCore C3: Discover the magic of PV3 map setup, empowered by the remarkable capabilities of PowerCore C3, and unlock unparalleled precision in your tuning endeavors.

• Tuning on a dyno, with PowerCore C3: Master the art of tuning on a dyno, supported by the exceptional features of PowerCore C3, as we guide you through optimizing your Harley’s performance.

• Tuning on Closed Course, Private property/roads: Explore the nuances of tuning on private property, private roads, and closed courses, unveiling the secrets to enhancing your Harley’s capabilities while maintaining a serene riding experience.

We are planning on having special guests now and then. Movers and Shakers in the industry.

Be part of our inaugural webinars, where we offer complimentary slots to fine-tune our offerings and ensure a seamless experience. Following this phase, we present two distinct levels of participation:

  1. Participant Level: Immerse yourself in the live-action, actively engaging through questions and comments. Please note, availability for this level will be limited due to time constraints, ensuring an intimate and personalized experience.
  2. Viewer Level: Enjoy the live proceedings at your own pace, soaking in the knowledge and wisdom shared by our experts.

Both levels will have exclusive access to the webinar videos after the event, allowing you to revisit and deepen your understanding of Harley tuning.

To further enhance your journey, we will send out surveys to gauge your interests and preferences, keeping you informed about upcoming webinar dates and valuable information.

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