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Available in 8-64 Gig and USB 2 or 3. Computers fail! We have recommended for years that you carry a USB flash drive to backup and store maps/cals along with runs.

I love stainless steel travel mugs. If that’s not your cup of tea, but you like the Daniels Performance logo, click on the link and pick a mug you like. It's available in everything from a traditional ceramic coffee mug to a Beer Stein.

The most popular items in our Zazzle store have always been our “Rowdy Rooster Racing” shirts, with the original the Rowdy Rooster Racing logo. We have to admit – we love this logo and all it stands for.

For those that don’t know the Rooster’s story, here’s a recap.

Our good friend Jim bought a new 2003 (100th Anniversary) Road King in 2002. He went on to win the Drunken Idiots Hill Climb in Goodsprings, Nevada, on it. Impressive feat - but it crammed a hefty rock between the front fender and tire. One day, Jim came to Mike Daniels and said he wanted to take the Road King Land Speed Racing. Never one to back down from a challenge, Mike agreed. A lot of time, money and best-of-the-best industry collaboration later, “The Rooster” was born.

Depending on which pipe and intake we ran, it would make over 150 horsepower or 150lbtq. With its 17 inch wheels, sport bike tires, upgraded suspension, drive train, handmade exhaust… even a front fender from a Hayabusa! Nothing was left untouched in modifying this bike to run high speed. It was capable of running 165 mph at 5500 RPM.

After an exhilarating stint on the circuit, The Rooster is now retired and enjoying bar hopping. As lovers of motorcycles and racing, we were honored to be part of such a cool project.

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