Now offering Power Vision classes at WyoTech!
For a limited time we are offering Reduced price Power Vision training to qualified Harley dealers
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Dynojet’s Power Vision is the best product for Race only, Closed Course Completion Harley-Davidson high performance motorcycles.
Through an exclusive deal between Dynojet and Daniels Performance Dynojet has agreed to pay for part of your Power Vision training for qualified Harley dealers.

We have introduced 3 new clases to meet your training need for Power Vision.
Approved Harley dealers can get our premier $6000 4 day Power Vision class for $3000.00
3 day Power Vision Tuner class for $5500 Now $2500 for qualifying Harley dealers
If you are having us train any of our other classes for you we will add a day intro to Power Vision for FREE!, or a 2 day add on for $1500 for qualifying Harley dealers
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One of the most asked questions we currently get is what we recommend for tuning highly modified race bikes now that Super Tuner is discontinued.

When it comes to closed-course completion race bikes, not to be driven on public roads or highways, we highly recommend the Dynojet Power Vision.
To introduce Harley dealers to the best replacement for Super Tuner for closed-course competition use only, we have partnered with Dynojet to bring FREE Power Vision training to qualified Harley-Davidson dealers who are not currently using Power Vision.

One of the many features of Power Vision is the ability to tune as many bikes as you like from one Power Vision tool by simply purchasing Tuning Licenses on line from Dynojet.

With this training you will receive:
     *Free Power Vision Test Drive Tuning license
     *Access to our members only tech support site
                **Advanced Power Vision Map data base coming soon
     *Listed on our Dyno Tuners List

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